Truck Investments and Consulting

taught by James Brown

Course description


Truck Investments and Consulting helps potential drivers learn more about the industry before ever stepping foot in a school. We then give a career path and a host of tools to help those individuals become successful based on what they consider successful. Whether it’s a New Driver or Veteran Drivers interested in taking it to the next level and becoming Independent Owner Operators. Truck Investments and Consulting provides online tools, cell phone apps and online course instruction they need to help get them there.


Truck Investments and Consulting provides potential investors and individuals, with semi-trucks and/or trailers, an alternative investment based on a time-tested industry. The Transportation Industry is nearly as old as time. Everything in your home or business including the buildings themselves, furniture, air ducts and the roads themselves were all delivered by truck. It’s like any other industry with its ups and downs. We help Drivers and Investors learn how to navigate the troubled roads and remain profitable. Whether you’re looking for a Livable Income, Passive Income or wanting to increase your monthly Cash Flow, Truck Investments and Consulting can help you!

James Brown
James Brown

James Brown began Trucking in 2008 as a Company Driver in the Reefer Division. Flat bedding was next running Regional in Texas. Training was next on the list with 3 simple Rules:

1. Stay on the road

2. Don't Hit anything

3. And if at anytime your uncomfortable driving or tired STOP!!!

Team Driving was the norm for years . Even after becoming an Owner Operator and Leasing onto a major company.

The final plunge into insanity was to become an full fledged Independent! at the same time Drew became a Certified Master Broker. Years of Driving and Teaching is now being condensed and distributed through this course. Drew Brown's knowledge is also available to investors seeking a fresh and reliable Revenue Stream

Course Curriculum

Chapter 2 Lease / Owner Operator / Independent Operator Pay
Chapter 7 GPS and Map Reading
Chapter 8 Truck Repair
Chapter 9 Independent Check list
Chapter 11 Investing For Retirement,,,,WHAT ARE YOU DRIVING FOR?
Chapter 12 BUDGET Personal and Truck